Giulia Mariani

Postdoctoral researcher, Uppsala University

Giulia Mariani is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Government at Uppsala University. Her main area of research is gender and politics, with a focus on processes of institutional change and public policies concerning gender and sexual equality. Currently, she is researching the rising transnational opposition to gender and sexual equality in the European Union, as well as the pushback against court-driven abortion liberalization in the United States. Her work has been published in Sexuality Research and Social Policy, the European Political Science Review, and Political Studies.

Read more from Giulia Mariani: 

Mariani, Giulia and Tània Verge. 2021. “Discursive Strategies and Sequenced Institutional Change: The Case of Marriage Equality in the United States.” Political Studies. First published online June 11th.

Mariani, Giulia. 2020. “Failed and Successful Attempts at Institutional Change: The Battle for Marriage Equality in the United States.” European Political Science Review 12(2): 255–270.

Mariani, Giulia. 2020. “Religious Diversity and Party Control in the States: Explaining Adoptions of Same-Sex Marriage Laws.” Sexuality Research and Social Policy 17(1): 119–127.