Feminist scholars studying political institutions through a gender lens.
formal businesswomen with document discussing city management

FIIN feature: Handbook of Feminist Governance

Available at: e-elgar.com Abstract: Compiling state-of-the-art research from 58 leading international scholars, this dynamic Handbook explores the evolution of feminist analytical and organising principles and their introduction into governance institutions in national, regional and global settings.

FIIN feature: The dilemma of women empowerment in informal artisanal and small-scale gold ore mining in Ghana

Available online first at: taylorfrancis.com Abstract: For several years, women demand more decision-making power from their husbands and the society. Studies indicate that egalitarian decision-making power can be beneficial in many important ways to the household and society, and the…

FIIN feature: Gendered River Basin Institutions: The Chu–Talas Commission in Central Asia

Available online first at: taylorfrancis.com Abstract: This chapter from Gender Dynamics in Transboundary Water Governance: Feminist Perspectives on Water Conflict and Cooperation, sheds light on how gender perceptions and identities are shaping transboundary water governance within the Chu–Talas Commission (CTC),…