Carole Spary

Associate Professor, School of Politics and International Relations, and Director, Asia Research Institute, University of Nottingham


Dr Carole Spary is Associate Professor in the School of Politics and International Relations, and Director of the Asia Research Institute, University of Nottingham. Her research and teaching focuses on democratic politics and feminist political economy of development, particularly with regards to gender and intersectional identities, political representation, political institutions, and multi-level governance. She specialises in Indian politics and policy.  She is the author of Gender, Development, and the State in India (Routledge, 2019) and co-author with Professor Shirin M. Rai of Performing Representation: Women Members in the Indian Parliament (OUP 2019). Her research has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, the Leverhulme Trust, and the British Academy, and has appeared in British and Indian media. She enjoys collaborating with India-based practitioners and advocates on gender and politics. She is the former convenor (2008-2016) of the Politics of South Asia Specialist Group of the UK’s Political Studies Association.

Read more from Dr Carole Spary: 

Spary, C,  2021.  Gender, Politics, Performance: Embodiment and Representation in Political Institutions.  In: Rai, S.M., Gluhovic, M., Jestrovic, S. and Saward, M., eds., The Oxford Handbook of Politics and Performance  Oxford University Press.

Spary, C,  2020.  ‘Women candidates, women voters, and the gender politics of India’s 2019 parliamentary election’  Contemporary South Asia. 28(2), 223-241

Spary, C,  2020 . Gender, Federalism and the State in India.  In: Vickers, J., Grace, J. and Collier, C.N., eds.,  Handbook on Gender, Diversity and Federalism Edward Elgar Publishing.