Annica Kronsell

Chair of Environmental Social Science, Gothenburg University

Annica Kronsell holds the Chair of Environmental Social Science at the School of Global Studies at Gothenburg University. Until 2018 she was Professor of Political Science at Lund University where she was leading research in several multidisciplinary consortia and projects that study different dimensions of climate governance. Annica has an interest in how public institutions can govern and enhance governance of climate and sustainability issues mainly in the Scandinavian and European context. A milestone publication on climate governance in the public sector included Rethinking the Green State. Environmental governance towards environmental and sustainability transitions, with Bäckstrand, Routledge (2015). Annica uses (eco)feminist theorising and intersectionality to address governance issues in relation to power and inclusiveness. Recent publications focus on understanding how gender and intersectionality is implicated in climate governance. Annica also works on these issues in the field of sustainable transport governance. 

Read more from Professor Annica Kronsell:

Kronsell A and Hildingsson R (2022) ‘Green State Theory: Approaches and Critical Issues‘, in Colin Hay, David Marsh, Michael Lister (eds) The State: Theories and Issues (Bloomsbury).

Kronsell, A, Magnusdottir, L G, Rask N, Singleton, B E, (2021) ‘An Intersectional Exploration of Climate Institutions’, In Sowers, J, VanDeveer, S and Weinthal, E (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Politics, Oxford University Press.

Singleton, B., Rask, N., Magnusdottír, G., Kronsell, A. (2021) ‘Intersectionality and Climate Policy Making: the inclusion of social difference by three Swedish government agencies’ Environmental and Planning C: Politics and Space.