Amy G. Mazur

CO Johnson Professor of Political Science, Washington State University


Amy G. Mazur is CO Johnson Professor of Political Science at Washington State University and Associate Researcher at LIEPP at Sciences Po Paris. Her research interests focus on comparative feminist policy issues with a particular emphasis on France and comparative methodology. Some of her books include: Theorizing Feminist Policy (Oxford 2002); Politics, Gender and Concepts (Cambridge University Press 2008, edited with Gary Goertz); and The Politics of State Feminism: Innovation in Comparative Research (Temple University Press 2010, with Dorothy McBride).  Her work appears notably in French Politics, European Journal of Politics and Gender, Comparative European Politics, Revue Française de Science Politique, Politics and Gender, Political Research Quarterly, Journal of Women, Politics and Policy, PS: Political Science, Politics, Groups and Identities and American Political Science Review. She convenes, with Isabelle Engeli, the Gender Equality Policy in Practice Network (GEPP)and is Lead Editor of French Politics.   

Read more from Professor Amy G. Mazur: 

Muriaas, Ragnhild, Amy G. Mazur and  Season Hoard “Payments and Penalties for Democracy: Gendered Electoral Financing in Action Worldwide.” American Political Science Review. Forthcoming.

Mazur, Amy G. (ed) 2020. Special Issue: Does Policy Implementation in Gender Equality Policy Matter in France: A Cross Sectoral Approach. Editor. French Politics. 7 research articles. 13(1-2) 2020. .

Mazur, Amy G. and Isabelle Engeli, 2018. “Taking Implementation Seriously in Assessing Success: The Politics of Gender Policy. In PracticeEuropean Journal of Gender and Politics. 1(1). 2018. 11-29.