Expressions of Interest open for Oxford University Press book series

This exciting new series with Oxford University Press provides a platform for feminist institutionalist (FI) research. It builds upon the Feminism and Institutionalism International Network (FIIN) of scholars that has developed a distinctive approach to the study of politics, power and change. 

Bringing together feminist political science with the so-called ‘new-institutionalist’ theory, the series seeks to publish works that combine insights from gendered analysis and new institutionalist theory to understand and explain gendered dynamics of gendered power inequalities in political, institutional and public life. This includes works that highlight the importance of formal rule changes as well as develop new methodological and conceptual frameworks capable of excavating foundational, yet ‘hidden’, informal institutions that interact with formal rules to block, reverse or support gender reform.

The series has a normative core, and seeks to advance gender justice in the face of resistance, backlash and barriers confronting those working towards strengthening gender equality in different institutional contexts.

As editors we are keen to hear from scholars at all careers stages and from across the globe. The series is interested in feminist institutionalist analysis of politics as well as social institutions broadly defined.

We publish titles across three strands:

  1. Core: edited agenda setting collections around core conceptual themes, methodologies and research problems, which would also serve as advanced level texts.
  2. Case: monographs developing extended application of FI to single or comparative cases. We envisage these case books to cover gender and politics arenas, as conventionally understood, and gender relations in other organisational and social settings, including corporate settings, where different forms of political and economic power reside.
  3. Connect: edited collections creating a dialogue with other disciplines as well as with experts from the field of politics, policy and organisations in relation to a key theme or issue. We envisage the connect series will feature FI political scientists with feminist legal scholars, organisational sociologists, feminist IR scholars, gender and development scholars, gender and business and organisational studies, and ‘non-gender’ political science. It will also include shorter problem/policy focussed volumes engaging with feminist policy practitioners, advocates and actors working on specific issues in national and international settings.

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Review by Oxford University Press

Proposals will first be reviewed by series editors before being submitted to Oxford University Press.

See here for more details on requirements for full proposals to Oxford University Press.

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