Melissa Haussman

Professor of Political Science, Carleton University

Melissa Haussman has been teaching at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada since 2005, and for ten years prior at Suffolk University, Boston, MA. She is interested in the intersection of different identities and their barriers to representation in political institutions at the national and subnational levels. She iis a feminist comparativist political scientist who is interested in reforms of political institutions and policy processes.

Read more from Melissa Haussman:

Forthcoming, co-authored with Karen Kedrowski, Walking the Gendered Tightrope: Theresa May and Nancy Pelosi as Legislative Leaders, University of Michigan Press

Author, “Trump’s ‘Principles of Economic Mobility and Medicaid: Gender, Race and Federalism” Ch. 10, in Jill Vickers, Cheryl Collier and Joan Grace, eds., Federalism, Intersectionality and Diversity, Edward Elgar Press, 2020.

Author, Reproductive Rights and the State: Getting the Birth-Control, RU-486, and Morning-After Pills and the Gardasil Vaccine to the US Market (Praeger, Jan. 2013).