Josefina Erikson

Associate professor, Uppsala University

Josefina Erikson is an Associate professor and Senior lecturer in the Department of Government Uppsala University, Sweden. Her research interest includes gender and legislatures, prostitution policy as well as gender and leadership. She has worked with feminist institutional perspectives in a number of different projects, for example to understand institutional change in Swedish prostitution politics and most recently in a project on the gendered working conditions in the Swedish parliament.

Read more from Associate Professor Josefina Erikson:

Erikson, J., & Verge, T. (2022). Gender, power and privilege in the parliamentary workplace. Parliamentary Affairs, 75(1), 1-19.

Erikson, J., & Josefsson, C. (2022). The parliament as a gendered workplace: How to research legislators’(UN) equal opportunities to represent. Parliamentary Affairs, 75(1), 20-38.

Erikson, J., Håkansson, S., & Josefsson, C. (2021). Three Dimensions of Gendered Online Abuse: Analyzing Swedish MPs’ Experiences of Social Media. Perspectives on Politics, 1-17.