Joan Grace

Professor, Political Science, University of Winnipeg


Joan Grace is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Winnipeg, Canada.  Her research has focused on Canadian and provincial policy environments and how gender regimes, institutions and state architectures influence and structure women’s equality initiatives.  Publications include an article in Parliamentary Affairs and a co-edited book, Handbook on Gender, Diversity and Federalism (2020) published by Edward Elgar.  

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Grace, J. Co-author (with Linda DeRiviere, University of Winnipeg and Dominika Wranik, Dalhousie University).  2021. “Gender and Public Sector Careers: The Motivations of Master of Public Administration Students”, Canadian Public Administration.  First published: 23 August 2021. 

Grace, J. 2020. “Manitoba in Lockdown: Women” in A. Rounce and K. Levasseur, eds., COVID-19 in Manitoba: Public Policy and the Pandemic. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press.  e-book. 

Grace, J. 2020. “Gendering the Federal Bargain in Canada” in Jill Vickers, Joan Grace and Cheryl Collier, eds., Handbook on Gender, Diversity and Federalism.  Cheltenham, UK:  Edward Elgar Publishing.