Jenniver Sehring

Senior Lecturer in Water Governance and Diplomacy

Jenniver Sehring is a Senior Lecturer in Water Governance and Diplomacy at the Water Governance Department at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands. Her research focusses on water governance at local, national and transboundary level and on institutional arrangements as well as practices of water cooperation and diplomacy. She coordinates the master programme “Water Cooperation and Diplomacy” as well as the DUPC2 Water Diplomacy Project ( ), and is an editor of the Central Asian Journal of Water Research (CAJWR). Jenniver has extensive research and policy experience on water conflict and cooperation in Central Asia and has worked for and advised numerous international actors in the region.

Read more from Jenniver Sehring:

Sehring, Jenniver (2021): Masculinity and Water Diplomacy in Central Asia. In: Matthias Schmidt, Rune Steenberg,Michael Spies, Henryk Alff (eds.) Beyond Post-Soviet: Layered Legacies and Transformations in Central Asia Geographica Augustana, 7-16

Sehring, Jenniver, Rozemarijn ter Horst, and Alexandra Said (2020): Reporting on Water Diplomacy: Does Gender Matter? In: Rasha Dewedar (ed.). Water Conflicts and Cooperation: a Media Handbook. CABI Publishing, 9-13.