Jennifer Thomson

Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics, University of Bath


Dr Jennifer Thomson is Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics at the University of Bath, where she convenes the MA in  Gender and Politics.  Her current work focuses on gender and foreign policy, and  particularly the concept of a ‘feminist’ foreign policy. This work is funded by a three-year ESRC New Investigator grant. Further research interests include the Women, Peace and Security agenda; women’s rights in post-conflict divided societies; and sexual and reproductive health and rights in international policymaking. She is the author of Abortion Law and Political Institutions: Explaining Policy Resistance (Palgrave, 2019). Her work has been published in, amongst others, International Studies Review, International Studies Perspectives, British Journal of Politics and International Relations and the International Political Science Review. With Dr Silja Bara Ómarsdóttir (University of Reykjavik) she is co-editor of a forthcoming Special Issue of the European Journal of Politics and Gender ‘Feminist State Discourses’.

Read more from Dr Jennifer Thomson: 

What’s so feminist about feminist foreign policy? (2020) International Studies Perspectives, 21; 4, 424-437. 

Gender and Nationalism (2019) Nationalities Papers, 48: 1, 3-11 

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