Fiona Buckley

Lecturer, University College Cork

Fiona Buckley is a lecturer in the Department of Government and Politics, University College Cork, Ireland where she researches and teaches about women in politics. Her research lies in gender quotas; women and cabinet government; feminist institutionalism and gendered institutions; electoral integrity; and gender aspects of political violence. As PI and Co-PI, Fiona has received funding from the Irish Research Council, Norwegian Research Council and EU Erasmus+. Recent publications include ‘Money Matters: The Impact of Gender Quotas on Campaign Spending for Women Candidates’, International Political Science Review (forthcoming 2022) co-authored with Mack Mariani and ‘Gender Quotas in Ireland: A first for PR-STV’ in the Oxford Handbook of Irish Politics (2021), co-authored with Mary Brennan.

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Fiona Buckley and Mack Mariani (forthcoming 2022) ‘Money Matters: The Impact of Gender Quotas on Campaign Spending for Women Candidates’. International Political Science Review, 

Mariani, Mack; Buckley, Fiona; McGing, Claire; Wright, Austin (2021) ‘(Gender) balancing the books: how did Irish political parties respond to the first ‘gender quota’ election in 2016?’. Irish Political Studies, 36 (2):235-262

Buckley, Fiona (2020) ‘Going alone and taking the independent route: new insights on female candidate emergence’. European Journal of Politics and Gender, 3 (3):349-370

Buckley, Fiona; Mariani, Mack and White, Timothy J. (2014) ‘Will legislative gender quotas increase female representation in Ireland? A feminist institutionalism analysis’. Representation, 50 (4):471-484