Elizabeth Evans

Reader in Politics, Goldsmiths, University of London


Dr Elizabeth Evans’ research explores the relationship between social movements, political parties and political representation, and is framed by an intersectional theoretical approach. Her work has been funded by the ESRC, British Academy, Government Equalities Office and she is a 2020-2021 ISRF Mid-Career Research Fellow. She’s the author of two books, and is currently writing a book on Disability and Political Representation, with Stefanie Reher, for publication with OUP in 2022. She’s published in a range of journals including recently: International Political Science Review, Politics & Gender, Political Studies and Party Politics, and she co-edited Confronting Privileges: Intersectionality in Feminist and Queer Movements with Eléonore Lépinard (2020 Routledge). Dr Evans is a co-founding Editor of the European Journal of Politics and Gender, former convenor of the ECPR’s group on Politics and Gender and the PSA’s Women and Politics Group, and is currently Editor-in-Chief of Politics.

Read more from Dr Elizabeth Evans:

Evans, Elizabeth and Bussey-Chamberlain, Prudence. 2021. The Problems with Feminist Nostalgia: Intersectionality and White Popular Feminism. European Journal of Women’s Studies, 28(3), pp. 353-368. ISSN 1350-5068

Evans, Elizabeth and Reher, Stefanie. 2020. Disability and Political Representation: Analysing the Obstacles to Elected Office in the UK. International Political Science Review, ISSN 0192-5121

Evans, Elizabeth and Kenny, Meryl. 2020. Doing Politics Differently? Applying a Feminist Institutionalist Lens to the UK’s Women’s Equality Party. Politics & Gender, 16(1), pp. 26-47. ISSN 1743-923X