Dolores Calvo

Researcher, Uppsala University

Dolores holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Gothenburg (2013).Dolores is currently working on a project on implementation of policies against sextortion in Tanzania, including questions of abuse of power, sexual abuse, gender norms, coercion and consent. She has researched and worked in the following fields: gender, women’s reproductive rights, abortion and women’s rights in childbirth, gender-based violence, violence against women, trafficking, prostitution, feminism, development, collective action, and grassroots movements.

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Lundgren, Silje; Eldén, Åsa; Calvo, Dolores & Bjarnegård, Elin (forthcoming): “Sextortion: Linking sexual violence and corruption in Sweden and Norway”, in Lundqvist, Maja; Widegren, Kajsa & Simonsson, Angelica (eds.): Sexual Harassment in the Nordic Countries. Bristol University Press (Policy Press).

Bjarnegård, Elin; Calvo, Dolores; Eldén, Åsa and Lundgren, Silje (2022) ‘Sextortion: Corruption Shaped by Gender Norms’, in I. Kubbe and O. Merkle (eds.) Corruption and Gender: The Role of Norms, Edward Elgar Publishing.

Eldén, Åsa; Calvo, Dolores; Bjarnegård, Elin; Lundgren, Silje & Jonsson, Sofia (2020): Sextortion: Corruption and Gender-Based Violence, EBA report 2020:06, Expert Group for Aid (EBA),