Dipti Tamang

Fulbright-Nehru Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Dipti Tamang is a feminist IR scholar, with research interests in gender, politics, governance, identities, social movement and conflicts. Her research area is largely around the Eastern Himalayas/South Asia. She is interested in exploring critical methods to engage with notions of belonging, alienation, exclusion embedded into ideas/practices of citizenship, democracy and politics in these spaces. She is currently a Fulbright- post doctoral fellow in Cornell University. She publishes in different outlets (both academic and non-academic) to engage with a larger, wider audience not confining myself to ‘strictly’ defined academic spaces. She is also a recipient of the Zuban-Sasakawa Young Peace Scholarship and a co-founder of the Confluence Collective.

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Tamang, Dipti (2016). Gendering Secuirty, Seeing Feminist Theory as IR, International Studies, https://doi.org/10.11770020881716654410.

Tamang, Dipti (2020). Rethinking ‘Participation’ in Women, Peace and Security Discourses: Engaging with ‘Non-participant’ women’s movement in the Eastern borderland of India, International Feminist Journal of Politics, Vol 22(4), 485-503.

Tamang, Dipti (2020). Women and the Ethnic Conflict of Gorkhaland, Contesting History, Zubaan:India