Amira Aftab

Lecturer, Western Sydney University

Amira Aftab is a Lecturer in the School of Law at Western Sydney University. She completed her PhD at Macquarie University Law School with a dissertation that explored gender, religion, and state institutions in the context of the Sharia debates in Australia, Canada, and Britain. Prior to joining WSU, Amira was a sessional lecturer at Macquarie University; in addition to working as a Research Fellow at the University of Sydney. Amira’s current research is focused on the gendered nature of Australia’s family dispute resolution framework, and the need for greater cultural and religious sensitivity within the process. Her other projects explore the experiences of domestic and family violence in culturally and linguistically diverse, and faith-based communities.

Read more from Amira Aftab: 

Aftab, A. (2022), ‘Muslim women’s agency through a feminist institutionalist lens’, Muslim Women and Agency: an Australian Context, Brill 9789004400573.

Couzens, M. and Aftab, A. (2021), ‘La responsabilidad parental en Australia’, La Responsabilidad Parental en el Derecho: Una Mirada Comparada, Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nacion 9786075521985.

Aftab, A. (2019), ‘Religious freedom and gender equality : the Sharia debates and gendered institutions in Australia and Britain’, Australian Journal of Human Rights, vol 25, no 2 , pp 281 – 298.